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Beginners Tips For Starting Snorkelling

Beginners Tips For Starting Snorkelling

Why would you want to snorkel?
Snorkelling has the ability to unlock a whole new under water world which is unmatched in its diversity and its beauty. Some of the most beautiful and amazing creatures and organisms are found in the ocean and now you can experience these and create memories that you will never forget. From cheeky clown fish to dancing corals this new underwater world will change your life forever. The snorkel mask that you will use literally is your window to this beautiful and unique new world.

Where can you go snorkelling?
We are blessed to live in one of the best countries in the world for snorkelling. Our oceans are full of amazing sea life, our rivers and lakes are packed with flourishing fishes and as we are in Australia we can even practice snorkelling in our backyard swimming pools.

The best place is the ocean and this is where snorkelling really has the ability to give you a really amazing experience. You can go to your local beaches or even pack your snorkel kit and take it overseas on holiday, there are even dedicated snorkel trips and holidays which you can go on and experience full days of snorkelling!. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it!

There are some important factors to consider when deciding on where you are going to snorkel. Don’t just jump on in without considering a few important factors which can make or break your snorkelling adventure. You are going to need to pay attention to the water temperature in the area in which you plan to snorkel.

In the winter the ocean in NSW will be a lot cooler than in Far North Queensland or in many places overseas. This doesn’t mean that you cant snorkel in cooler waters it just means you may have to use a wetsuit to keep warm. Actually Australia is such a temperate climate that you can snorkel almost everywhere all year around.

The area and the current of the location that you intend to snorkel needs to be researched before you snorkel. This is the most important thing to consider as a new snorkeler as it can be very dangerous to snorkel in strong currents or unsafe beaches with rocks and no lifeguards on patrol. The best way to do this is to use the internet and go to and have a look at the conditions at the beach that day and also learn the history of the beach and its scheduled lifeguard times. It is worth doing this quick research for the safety of your family and yourself. It can literally mean life or death so please take this step seriously.

You are best snorkelling in pairs of at least 2 people and let the lifeguards know you will be snorkelling and to keep an eye on your area. Your swimming ability is also a important factor to consider when picking a snorkelling spot. If you are a novice swimmer with weak swimming ability you need to pick a beach which has small waves and shallow waters in which you can stand up and take a rest if needed. If you are a weak swimmer it is not recommended to with out of your depth as you may get tired and struggle.

Once you are a more experienced snorkeler and your swimming ability has improved then going out of your depth is fine as long as you have a safety aid on your person incase of any troubles. You can wear a snorkel vest or a discreet device life the puffer device which will bring you to the surface incase you need any help and get it to trouble.

What Snorkelling Equipment Do I Need?

The snorkel mask is literally your window to the underwater world. There has been a revolution in snorkel masks in the past few years and snorkels have been upgraded and redesigned to be more user friendly and easier to use than ever before. The new and improved snorkel mask is called the Snorkel Pro 180 full face snorkel mask and it allows you to breathe like you do on land and with out a snorkel stuck in your mouth. This makes the transition from land to water much more natural and also it stops issues such as jaw lock from having a snorkel in your mouth. The other great thing about the full face snorkel mask is that it gives you a 180 degree vision which makes for an amazing snorkel experience and you can see more of what is going on around you.


Flippers and Fins

The mask and snorkel is the main equipment needed to get started in snorkelling but you can also upgrade your experience by using flippers or fins as they are called in the u.s.a. Flippers are essentially used to help propel you forwards with greater ease whilst snorkelling. This means you can cover greater distances with much smaller physical effort and also allows you to swim at greater speeds. They are great for diving below the surface and swimming downwards to checkout corals as they allow for stronger movement.

Precautions and Water Safety

It is very important to consider the safety of yourself and your family whilst snorkelling. When swimming in depth in any water you should be prepared to deal with any complications which may arise. Waster conditions can change very quickly and many people get in to trouble by now having a life saving device on hand. Also issues such as cramp and tiredness can cause people to get in to trouble in the water. It is advisable to wear a life vest at all times when in the water as this will keep you safe and out of immediate danger if issues do arise. However with a lifesaving flotation vest you will not be able to go underwater so many people do not use them when snorkelling. A great alternative is a life saving bracelet which you attach to your wrist and in case of any trouble you can pull the lever and a flotation pillow will emerge and take you to the surface of the water. Again it is so important to protect yourself in the water so please consider this and equip yourself with a life saving device.

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  • March 12, 2018
  • tim Lamborn