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Which Snorkel Pro 180 is best for me?

Which Snorkel Pro 180 is best for me?

At Snorkel Pro 180 we have engenerred the worlds most cutting edge technology to make our full face snorkel masks the best in the world.

As we have been leading the development of full face snorkel masks for many years we are always looking at ways to improve the Snorkel Pro 180 and we are always listing to our amazing customers to see what they need from their snorkeling experience.

Snorkel Pro 180 is the full face snorkel mask which changed snorkelling forever. We were aware that even though people love snorkelling and it is an amazing past time it is a activity which has not developed for decades.

The issues that people were having with traditional snorkel masks were not being addressed. Issues such as poor narrow vision, fogging in the masks, sea water in their mouths, inhaling and exhaling through just their mouth and choking on the snorkel were just a few negative factors affecting their snorkel experience.

This has lead us to develop four different types of Snorkel Pro 180. There is a Snorkel Pro 180 for everyone and for all of the family. Some of our full face snorkel masks are best for irregular users and some for users who want their full face snorkel mask for sporting reasons. Below we are going to go through our different types of Snorkel Pro 180 so you can decide which edition is best suited for you.

Snorkel Pro 180 - Original Edition

Our Original Edition is a revolutionary full face snorkelling mask designed to make snorkeling effortless and natural. This is the mask which revolutionised snorkelling forever.

The original edition takes away the need for having a snorkel in your mouth and it allows you to breath the same way as you do on land. It is extremely easy to use and after experiencing the comfort, and natural breathing ability under water, you will never want to return to a regular mask and snorkel again. The 180 degree design also allows for a greater vision so you can see more of what is going on around you.
The Snorkel Pro 180 Original Edition has a three part design. A detachable snorkel and a face mask and Go Pro camera attachment. We designed the snorkel to be detatchable so that if you damage it on a rock or you feel like you need a fresh one after a year you can do so without buying the whole mask again and you can just buy the snorkel. There are many snorkel masks out there with a folding snorkel design. These are not good as if you damage the snorkel it cant be replaced and your mask is obsolete.
If you are a person who likes to snorkel infrequently and will use their mask a few times a month or just on holiday the original edition is a great mask for you.

Snorkel Pro 180 - Sports Edition

The Snorkel Pro 180 Sports Edition has been designed for both casual and sports users alike. The concept behind the sports edition was to design a full face snorkel mask which is perfect for fast ocean swimming or pool swimming. Many of our customers wanted a mask which is specifically designed for this purpose. The sports edition is a different shaped design from the original edition. It has a lighter frame and is more narrow which makes it more aerodynamic when swimming through the water. The design also allows for increased ventilation which means less fogging and more vision. We have increased the length of the snorkel so that if swimming at speeds or for a length of time on the surface of the water then your air supply will not be cut off if a big wave comes over your head and you can continue with your swimming. The sports edition is great for both casual users and also sports user

Snorkel Pro 180 - Pro Edition

Our Pro Edition is simply the most advanced full face snorkel mask in the world. It hands down beats all other masks in terms of quality and function. We designed the Pro Edition as an evolution from our original and sports editions. The design of the mask is completely different and it is designed for greater airflow, less fogging and maximum vision and comfort. 

We have implemented a duel channel airway to improve the amount of oxygen that you can intake at one time. This makes breathing smoother and easier. The Go Pro mount is now detachable so you can decide if you would like to have it connected or not. We have added extra silicone to the mask for a more comfortable fit which makes this mask a truly luxury experience.

This Pro Edition is design for both active snorkelers who use the mask frequently and also sports swimmers. It can be used by everyone and is the most advanced full face snorkel mask in the world.

Snorkel Pro 180 - Kids Edition

The Snorkel Pro 180 Kids Edition has been designed for children from 4 to 10 years old. The mask is made specifically for children and is safe and comfortable for your child which is very important. This full face snorkel mask is a great way to introduce your child to snorkelling as they can breath naturally just like they do on land. The Kids Edition has added silicone around the face making it comfortable to wear and comes in either blue or pink.



  • March 12, 2018
  • tim Lamborn