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About Snorkel Pro 180

Experts In Full Face Snorkel Masks

Snorkel Pro 180 are leading experts in full face snorkel mask technology. We have invested years in perfecting our masks and making them the best performing masks in the world. Our researchers and engineers have developed cutting edge snorkel technology which now makes the old style of snorkel masks outdated and old technology. Get the best snorkel mask in the world with Snorkel Pro 180.

An Evolution In Snorkel Masks

The Snorkel Pro 180 has lead the way in the evolution from the old style snorkel masks to our range of full face snorkel masks. We have implemented cutting edge technology in to the design of our Snorkel Pro 180 which now makes the traditional two piece snorkel masks dated and a design of the past. Snorkelling has now evolved.

Increased Field Of Vision

The Snorkel Pro 180 has a 180° field of vision and shatterproof polycarbonate window for added safety. Great to see more sea life and for people who feel closed in with the old style snorkel masks.


Easy Breathing and Anti Fog

Our full  face mask is designed for natural breathing through the nose and/or mouth. This gives a more natural breathing experience. No more snorkel in your mouth and this is great for people who have a gag reflex or hate sea water in their mouth.

Waterproof Design

Dry Top snorkel system limits water entry through the top of the snorkel. This means little to no water will enter your mask. All you need to concentrate on is having fun.

Safety Features

The orange snorkel top can be seen from further away than a traditional snorkel. This makes it safer as people can see where you are snorkelling.

Which Size Is Best For You?

The Snorkel Pro 180 is available in three different sizes. We have a size and style that will suit everyone in your family. You can follow our guidelines below to fit the best fit.

U.S.A Warehouse

We send all of our Snorkel Pro 180 to our customers from U.S.A warehouse and by fast postage. This means your full face snorkel mask will arrive to you not also fast but safe and ready to use in only a few days.