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Puffer - Wrist Life Saving Bracelet - BUY 1 GET 1 FREE


Water Safety Is Of The Most Importance


Puffer is the new lifesaving wristband for all those who love water! If you need help to stay afloat, pull the lever and an inflation bag will pull you to the surface.

The Puffer lifesaving bracelet is essential for snorkelling, swimming, diving and surfing.


Designed with a compass and a metal whistle, it greatly increases survival chances. With compact design, you can have it on your wrist always to ensure your or your child’s water safety.


Please don’t risk your or your child’s safety in the water. A device such as the Puffer can help advert drowning and save the life of you and your family.


Why Puffer Is So Awesome?


  • Portable swimming self-help bracelet for emergency
  • Gently pull the handle to make it inflate, and pull you out of the water
  • Comes with a compass to help you find the right direction easily
  • Metal whistle to attract people's attention, increase survival chances
  • Carbon dioxide gas tank can be replaceable for repeated use
  • Airbag with bright colour ensures high visibility
  • Can withstand 130kg of buoyancy, durable and safe to use
  • Strong wristband, fits for most children and adults
  • Perfect for surfing, swimming, sailing and diving

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