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V - White - Fully Automatic Hands Free Reghargable Toothbrush


V - White Is The Evolution In Brushing Your Teeth!


This automatic hands free electric toothbrush has revolutionised brushing your teeth. It has a U type single mouthpiece design, so you brush your teeth and liberate your hands to improve the efficiency of your life. This is automatic. Just place the hands free toothbrush in to your mouth and it will do the work for you!


By using ultrasonic technology, combined with the  U type design,a full brush takes only a 10-15 seconds to complete. This is a full a 360 degree omnibearing brushing action, so you will love brushing and get unmatched oral hygiene results.


This automatic hands free toothbrush can prevent gum atrophy, promote periodontal blood circulation, and reduce the incidence of periodontal disease.


Best Features:

  • 10 - 15 Second Brushing
  • Cleans Better Than Traditional Toothbrushes
  • Last For 2 Weeks On Just 1 Charge
  • Bonus Cold Light Teeth Whitening
  • Hand Free Brushing
  • Portable and Easy To Carry
  • One Size Fits All


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